raceTimerz prides itself on being as affordable as possible so that Race Directors can return as much fees to their charities as possible. We understand many races are focused on raising money for a good cause and raceTimerz wants the race to keep as much as possible. Our chip-timing system allows us to run the timing aspect in a more affordable way than most chip-timing companies.

raceTimerz provides a professional finish-line for your race. As long as weather conditions are appropriate, we will set-up a finish-line arch, cones, and RFID sensors to capture each runner. Your finish-line will provide a great finish-line background for your runners. We try to make this as easy as possible for community races and race directors who do not want to worry about the finish-line.

Our most popular feature among runners is our finish-line results kiosk. Our results kiosks allows runners to pull up their results within a few minutes after crossing the finish-line. The results can be pulled and an unofficial results sticker can be printed using our printer labels that a runner can take with them. 

Each sticker provides the runner with their overall results, the number of participants, their average pace, and their division rank. The sticker also adds your race name to the sticker. Runners often affixes their sticker to their bib as a lasting reminder of their run. 

raceTimerz is more than a timer, we are a race management company. When we prepare your race event, we make every attempt to cover all of the finish-line set-up and timing part of the race so you can focus on the race directing part of the event. On race day, we hand you an organized set of runners' chip and bibs in an organized bin. All you have to do is hand the runner's envelope to the runner and that's it. At the finish-line, we make it look professional so that runners walk away with a great experience.

raceTimerz can run timing events in San Antonio, Texas, New Braunfels, Texas, San Marcos, Texas, Austin, Texas, and everywhere in between.

After the race, we will post the results on our website, facebook, and add a post on your event's facebook page so that runners can see them after the race has ended. We're more than just timing people, #werunitright.