The Race Director Checklist

raceTimerz has timed raced since 2013 and in those years, we have learned a lot about what it takes to run a successful road race. Whether it is a 5k race or a 10-mile race, there are elements that you should take into account to have a successful road race. 

If this is your first time managing or putting on a race, use our race director checklist to help organize what you need to do to put on a successful and stress free race. 

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Ready for our race director checklist? 

Click here to download it for free. 

New to race timing and putting together a 5k event? Make sure to download our race director checklist for free to get a head start in producing your own running event.

Please note. Our list is comprehensive in nature, but may not include EVERYTHING you need to do, make sure to tailor the list to your own specific needs and requirements. Regardless, our race director checklist will give you a great foundation.