Do you travel outside of your territory to time events?

We can travel anywhere there is a race. For events outside our normal timing area, we will work on a travel fee that is appropriate for both the Race Director and raceTimerz, LLC. Typically if it is more than 150 miles from San Antonio, Texas, we require the Race Director to fly our team (typically two individuals) to the nearest airport of the race, hotel, and a rental car. We typically don't ask for a per diem for food as we include that in our service fee. In order to minimize the travel cost, we book all of our travel and try to find the most affordable airline, car rental, and hotels required.  In addition, if an event is outside our 150 mile range, there may be additional fees due to rental of equipment that would be required (ez-ups, mounting equipment, power generators, etc.)

What kind of equipment do you use for timing?

Our equipment is used in the industry by many large corporations for inventory management purposes. We typically use a slew of RFID equipment to capture runners as they pass our finish line set-up.

Your services include finish-line photos is this included?

Yes. Although our number 1 priority of the race is to make sure the results are accurate, when appropriate, we will also set-up and test our cameras to make sure they capture at least 1 picture of each runner (this may not occur if weather does not allow for it). These are posted to our Facebook page within 48 hours of the race. 

Once again, if time permits and no other issue hinders us from doing so, we typically set-up a stationary camera to capture the event in real time. 

We do want to warn you that although we do provide this services free of charge, this services may be withheld if event operations does not allow us to do them as our number 1 goal is to get accurate finish times.

What is the capture rate? What happens if a runner runs pass and doesn't get captured?

Although we cannot provide 100% security that all runners will be captured, we do have protocols in place to minimize the chance of a runner passing the finish line and not being timed. Some of our protocols include multiple RFID antenna capture points. At the finish line, we typically have upwards of four antennas thereby providing multiple instances where an antenna can pick-up an RFID read. In addition, we outfit each runner with two (2) RFID chips in order to avoid situations where one tag (shoe-tag timing) falls off and is lost on the route. We verify all RFID chips prior to issuing them to the runner. In situations where we have the equipment, space, and time, we typically will set-up a start-line tag verification kiosk so that runners can test their RFID tags prior to starting the run. This at least ensures the tag is working at the start-line. Should the tag not work at that point, we can issue another tag prior to the start of the race. If runners do not adhere to the instructions given to them on their bib pick-up envelope, our readers may not pick-up the tag.

Can we handle registration rather than raceTimerz?

Absolutely, we don't want to take away registration duties from you if you are wanting to handle the registration. If you would like raceTimerz to handle registration we will apply a $200 fee. We do ask that names, birthdays, and other key information is received by us 14 days prior to the race for races that handle their own registration. (We ask race directors to close online and paper registration 15 days prior to the race day.) You can keep the registration open if you need to, but we do ask Race Directors to submit as much as they have 14 days prior to the race so that we can code all the bibs, RFID labels, and program in a timely matter (even more important if you have more than 500 runners). 

What time do you arrive at the race site?

We typically arrive at the race site 2.5 hours prior to the start of the race. Although our equipment takes approximately an hour and half or so to set-up, we also do extensive testing on the day of the race to ensure all of our equipment works and ready for the race (You can never be too prepared). 

What is required of the race director on the day of the event?

We try not to take too much time during race day. On the day of the event, we will arrive with our gear. We ask that the Race Director or someone designated by the RD to give us a walk through of the event site (typically start and finish line).  If we are providing split-times, we need a walk through of that site. If we handle registration too, we may ask for additional support to run this part of the event smoothly, but after that, we typically do not ask of much.

Can you provide a report of all finisher times and award winners after the event?

Yes. We provide those to you within minutes after the last competitor passes the finish line. If you need the top 3 male and female winners prior to the end of the race, we can provide those reports to you immediately after those 6 runners times have been captured. 

When is payment due?

raceTimerz require a non-refundable deposit of $250.00 or 30% (whichever is greater) at the time of the date reservation. On the day of the event, a check for the remaining amount is required. An invoice will be produced either the week before or on the day of the event.. There are no refunds of your fees if you cancel your event 14 days or less of your event. Due to the work that needs to be completed prior to the event, we expend a great amount of labor and costs that cannot be recouped should the event be cancelled. We do ask Race Directors to let their runners know that the race is a non-refundable event (industry standard) due to event costs that are assumed prior to the event. Our cancellation policy is below:

Cancelled After the Deposit Paid but at least 14 days before your event:        
                                                                              Deposit is not refunded, any additional amounts are refunded to you

Cancelled within 14 days before your event:                                                        
                                                                              Entire event fee will be charged to you and is not refundable

Can raceTimerz fees be taken out of the registration fees collected prior to remitting balance to the Race Director?

Yes, however we require a payment withholding waiver prior to withholding any of our fees. We do require a payment directly from you for the deposit. We will not withhold registration fees for the deposit. Should the balance we collect not fulfill our fees, we will request the balance from you 14 days prior to the racing event. If the registration fees are remitted to a charity [403(b) status], we cannot take our fees from the registration fee collection, we require direct payment from the charity. All fees remitted from us to the Race Director requires a W-9 to be filled-out and on file prior to us remitting funds to the Race Director. 

What is the registration fee you charge to the runners?

Our charge is based on the registration fee amount. Since many credit card processors charge on a per swipe + percentage, we will base our fees based on your registration fee. Although fees can seem like nickle-and-diming people, we have found that participants typically do not mind paying the fees as they know that (1) accepting credit cards have fees attached and (2) they want as much to go to the charity (should a charity be sponsoring the event)  as possible and covering the fee means more money is sent to the charity. Our registration fee (which is not charged to the Race Director, only the participant upon registering for the event, either Online, Mail, or On-Site Registration) is 6% + $.95 (minimum of $3.95). 

Do we have to use raceTimerz for registration services?

No. We want to give you the option, however, we find that by doing the registration ourselves we save each Race Director hours of time needing to oversee the registration process including getting race data to raceTimerz in an appropriate manner. When we get within 14 days of your event, we require participant data to be e-mailed to our offices. When we have control of the registration process, we can pull that automatically and typically keep the registration period open longer since we can update our systems daily whereas if you e-mail participant data, we require a 14 day cut-off until day of registration.

Does raceTimerz provide any other services?

Absolutely.  Please use the quote button above or clicking here to request a quote on the additional services. We will let you know if we can accommodate your request. If we can, we will quote you that service, if not, we will let you know. Either way, there is no-obligation and there is no fees for the quote.

Our event is three (or less) weeks away, can we still hire raceTimerz?

Possibly. We will never know if you don't let us know. Shoot us an e-mail at or call us at (316) 749 - TIME (8463) to alert us of your event and we can get back to you very quickly. In addition, you can submit a quote above and we can quote you as well as check the date for you.